Can I use Bluetooth headphones for listening?


Please avoid using wireless headphones for listening to JIAS music at all. In most cases the used wireless technology (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,…) uses some kind of compression when sending the music over the air to the headphones. This compression can degrade the music to save bandwidth and you will be listening something else. The difference is very small and for regular music/podcast listening it is OK. But for JIAS purposes this is not good at all.

There are many factors that affect this compression. The converter in the mobile device, the converter in the headphones, the wireless technology,… all these affect the listening. In most cases these aren’t specified in the products specification so it is nearly impossible to tell which combination of devices/headphones is suitable.ย The safest way is to use a good quality over the ear studio headphones connected directly to your Android or Apple device.

We recommend you to connect a standard wired headphones to you Android or Apple device. If your device has no 3.5mm jack connector for headphones, please use an adapter. More on this topic can be found here –ย My device does not have a 3.5mm stereo jack connector. How can I connect my headphones?

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