The music is not playing.

If you downloaded the music into Sonorias mobile app, you should be able to listen to the music. After the download, you don’t need to have internet connection, because the files are in your device already. There are although a few possibilities that can limit the playback.

  • If you open the Sonorias app and you see the files, click the green/white play icon on the right side of the track. You should now see the player window. Click the green/white play icon in the bottom center. The music should start playing.
  • If not, please check if you your headphones are connected correctly. If they are not, you will se a note “Please, connect Headphones”.
  • If your headphones are connected correctly, most probably you did not turn on the airplane mode and you should see a note. Turn on the airplane mode in you phone/tablet settings and click the “I undestand” button.
  • After clicking the play button the music should be playing normally.

If you still can’t play the music, contact your provider or open a support ticket.

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