Can I use my headphones for listening the JIAS music?

Yes and no. It depends on what kind of headphones do you actually have. There are headphones that are suitable for Sonorias (or JIAS music) and there are headphones, which are not suitable.

In general, we don’t recommend wireless headphones at all. Wireless headphones use compression and this compression degrades the music in some way. More on this topic can be found in Can I use Bluetooth headphones for listening on my Android device?

Also we don’t recommend ear buds, e.g. the small headphones you stick into your ear. These are fine for jogging, running or sports in general but not for Sonorias or JIAS music.

The ideal headphones should have the following features:

  • closed back studio headphones
  • cover the whole ear
  • wired connection
  • no equalizer – no boost of specific range of frequencies (in most cases the headphones tend to boost the lower frequencies)

In general, most of the studio headphones are OK for Sonorias (or for JIAS music). On the other hand, most of the stylish and fancy headphones for listening popular music are not suitable because they have a tendency to make to music “sound better”. In most cases these headphones change the characteristics of the played music and usually they boost the lower frequencies.

If you are not sure if your headphones are OK, please contact your provider, national director or visit this link, where you will find a list of suitable headphones to use with Sonorias.

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