Sonorias JIAS Music Player, v1.01 for Apple iOS

Yesterday we released a new version of the Sonorias Apple iOS app. New version v1.01 brigs some small updates.

The main feature is that now you can lock your phone/tablet (e.g. turn off the screen) a still listen to the music. This feature is especially useful when your kids are listening and you don’t want them to play with the device during listening. Simply lock the device and keep listening.

The other update is the in the playback – a few clients reported small issues on some devices where the playback had a slight β€œdrop” after the music was paused and played again. Now the playback is fluent and it is possible to press pause/play even a hundred times πŸ™‚

The last update tries to fix the problem with downloaded music that dissappears from the device. We were unable to track down this issue and it never happened on our devices. So we tried to play with the files manipulation after download and we did some small changes that could affect this download in a positive way. If you had (or still have) this issue, please update to the latest version.

If there will be any issues (I hope not), please let me know.