Sonorias JIAS Music Player, v1.06 update for Android

Today we released an updated version of the Sonorias JIAS Music Player mobile application for Google Android mobile phones and tablets.

The latest version v1.06 adds some interesting features as well redesigned app interface. The main features are:

  • Airplane Mode – prompts the user before listening the actual track to turn on the Airplane mode to prevent distraction from incoming calls or messages.
    Sonorias - Airplane Mode
  • Headphones Check – application requests the user prior listening the actual track to connect the headphones (see compatible headphones list). Without headphones it is not possible to listen to the music.
  • New design – reworked the overall app design to match the design of the iOS version that was released a few days ago.
    Sonorias - New Design


Plus again, there are some small speed, stability, and compatibility improvements.

If you (or your clients) don’t have automatic updates, I recommend turning it on or manually updating the app to the latest version. You can find Sonorias JIAS Music Player in Google Play Store.

If you have any questions, please contact us.